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"Our company strives to be the best when it comes to providing excellent customer service along with the most advanced smart home technology on the market.  Our customers have the ability to be in touch with what is going on in their home at all times, simply by looking at their smart phone.  Now a days, every home must have security.  At Frontline Solutions, we provide a value unlike any other competitor.  We protect your home with the industry's latest technology at an very affordable price." - Jason Barker




Are you tired of working for your home?  How would you like it if your home worked for you?  With Geo-Services, watch how your home can automate based on how far away you are.

See how our services can work for you.

Old technology does not evolve, cannot be upgraded,
and is vulnerable to physical attack.


Now the world is wireless and portable. With Frontline Solutions, you can monitor your home from anywhere in the world with your smart phone, so you can protect your family and your biggest investment.


Using your existing security’s system hardware, Frontline eliminates the need for a home phone line.  Maybe you have thought about an intruder cutting the line or maybe you just don’t have a need for it. You’ll no longer have to punch in codes on a clunky keypad and run out the door, unsure if the alarm is set or not. You can now start arming your home safety system from from your phone, and check the system’s status at any time.


Based on the industry-leading and award-winning 2GIG® wireless technology, Frontline provides the most advanced 24 hour home safety and security system. If you have already invested in a system that is currently in place, we can still help you out with NO COST to switch.


  • Wireless equipment makes for a simple and clean installation

  • Cellular communication link w/ "Crash and Smash" protection- control panel sends a tamper signal in the event it is smashed or pulled off the wall

  • Smart phone remote access and control

  • Real-time text and email alerts for system activity

  • Two-way voice interaction with 24/7 monitoring station

  • Not vulnerable to power outages or cut phone lines and wires

  • Full home automation- remotely control lights, temperature and door locks 

  • Real-time video monitoring and surveillance with alarm triggered recording schedules

  • Energy management 



Georgia Low Voltage Alarm License#LVA-205871